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Information about energy efficiency.

46.3 million barrels of petroleum were imported for Hawaii's total energy use over the past year.

$5.09 billion left the state last year to pay for imported petroleum; $4,000 for every person living in Hawaii.

11.3 million barrels of petroleum were burned by the Hawaii utilities last year to make electricity.

The average residential meter in Hawaii uses 615 kilowatt hour per month.

Hawaii ranks #1 in electric energy costs.
Residential rates (schedule R) as of January 1, 2015

39.08 cents/kWh


40.01 cents/kWh


34.22 cents/kWh

Hawaii Island

34.13 cents/kWh


29.01 cents/kWh


11 - 12 cents/kWh

U.S. average

10.1 million megawatt hour of power was sold last year by Hawaii's electric utilities.

60 percent of electricity sold by the utilities in 2030 will still be fossil-fueled, even if we meet the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative goals.
Burning fossil fuels increases carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming.