Hawaii: Energized!



Hawaii: Energized – Ep. 6

Check out the amazing story of Honolulu Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in our fresh new episode.



Hawaii: Energized - Ep. 5

Zooming in on Hawai‘i’s biggest industry with an inside look at some businesses that power them.



Hawaii: Energized – Ep. 4

We visit Hilo and see how the whole community is transforming into a leader in energy efficiency!


About Our Hosts

Ramsey Brown

Ramsey Brown

Ramsey’s combination of brains and brawn makes the Kapahulu native a perfect co-host for Hawai‘i Energized! Ramsey is one of Hawai‘i Energy’s talented engineers who has a tremendous knack for crunching energy savings numbers, analyzing energy-saving technologies, all the while supporting the advancement of energy codes and standards to meet Hawai‘i’s energy efficiency goals. An outgoing and energetic local boy, Ramsey enjoys surfing, hiking, performing hula, serving his church and traveling with his wife.

Shayna Doi

Shayna Doi

Shayna brings her trademark spunkiness, deep energy knowledge, and great smile to Hawai‘i Energized! A member of Hawai‘i Energy’s enthusiastic Marketing & Communications team, Shayna makes sure Hawai‘i Energy is represented well in the community by coordinating outreach events, developing marketing campaigns and managing our social media accounts. Maui born and raised, Shayna loves being able to live and work in her home state. In her spare time, she loves volunteering, being active outdoors and engaging in DIY projects.

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