Learn how Hawaii Energy can provide you with incentives for purchasing and installing energy-efficient equipment in your business that will cut your electricity costs for years to come.

Hawaii Energy offers multiple incentives for businesses both large and small.

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Rebate Summary Sheet Energy Usage Release Form


Building Envelope Improvements

Making energy-efficient changes to the exterior of your building (e.g. window film) can reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your electric bill.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Replacing old equipment such as refrigerators in your restaurant or business is an easy way to save you energy and money.

Customized Projects

Do you have ideas for other technologies that will save energy?

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles may help you save money on fuel, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lighten the load on the electric grid.

Whole Building Assistance

We provide benefits to building owners which include Re-Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning.  All of these can improve the performance of a building's systems.


Improving your HVAC equipment is an easy way to increase the energy efficiency of specific areas of the HVAC system, lowering energy use and energy costs.


Replacing existing fixtures with energy-efficient lighting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to save electricity and money.

Pumps & Motors

Whether you operate and maintain a hotel, condominium, office building, retail store, restaurant, or hospital, you can save energy by examining your pumps and motors.


Condominiums and commercial buildings with electrical “master meters” can minimize operating costs and reduce energy consumption by submetering common areas, owners’ units and mixed-use vendors, as well as parking structures and retail spaces.


If your commercial, industrial or government building owns aging transformers, retrofitting to high-efficiency transformers may provide up to 60% energy savings over the existing equipment.

Water Heating

Energy-efficient alternatives to water heating, such as the installation of heat pump water heaters or solar water heating, is a great way to give your water heater a break.

Additional Incentives

Hawaii Energy can help your business or building save energy and money through our various energy-efficient incentives.