The EmPOWER Hawai'i Project

Equipping local nonprofits in their efforts to save energy and save money.

We’re on the hunt to find seven local nonprofit organizations who are interested in learning how to lower their electricity costs. Are you one of them?

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A Formula For Success

We get you. Budgets are tight, and every dollar gone toward keeping the lights on is one less toward your mission. That’s why we want help you afford your investment in energy efficiency AND give you the know-how to make the right, most cost-effective decisions for future facility improvements. We designed this program to help nonprofits in three key areas:

  • Financial Support – significant discounts on equipment, materials and labor through Hawai‘i Energy’s network of installation contractors
  • Energy Data / Reporting – free initial facility analysis (identifying where most energy is being used and opportunities to improve) and electricity bill monitoring in months following completion of project
  • Education – tailored discussion sessions to equip nonprofit facility managers and decision-makers with “best practice” methods and technical advice/guidance throughout project execution

Want to learn more? Download our FAQ sheet.

Am I Eligible?

Participating organizations must:

  • Possess tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) status
  • Have the authority to make capital improvements at their facility, or in best cases, own the facility
  • Demonstrate ability to provide high-quality services and community impact
  • Designate two (2) “champions” at your organization to serve as points of contact throughout the program, attend sessions, and keep the rest of your team updated as needed throughout the project.
  • Be willing to commit at least 20 hours of time over 12 months to attending sessions, accompanying Hawai‘i Energy staff and contractors on site visits, and making arrangements/decisions with Hawai‘i Energy and contractors.

See full list of eligibility guidelines


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