Home Energy Report

Our free Home Energy Report offers you a personalized look at your home’s electricity usage and how you can save on energy costs.

In it, you’ll find easy-to-read graphs and images of your actual electricity usage, your total potential for savings, and actionable tips to help you improve the numbers in your Report. These Reports are designed to spark conversation and create awareness by:


  • Showing how your energy use changes with the weather and over time.
  • Comparing your energy use to similar households in your community.
  • Helping you create goals to reduce energy use (and save some money too!)


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    Log on to your portal with your electric account number and click on your profile to update your information.
  • Learn more about your Report
    Gain better insight about the Reports and why we send them by reading the FAQs below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The primary objective of the Reports is to help you see where you might be able to reduce your energy usage. These Reports are designed to:
  • Increase awareness and engagement around energy consumption and your energy bill;
  • Educate you on the energy efficient products and services available and the value that they provide;
  • Increase customer adoption of energy-saving products and services;
  • Provide you with increased knowledge, comfort, and choice regarding the impact of energy-saving products and services and the impact on the your bill; and
  • Increase your knowledge of and participation in Hawai‘i Energy offers.


At Hawai‘i Energy, we’re committed to helping you find ways to manage your energy costs and lower your energy use. We’re tasked with ensuring Hawai‘i residents have access to this knowledge and providing options should you want to take action.

Reports are sent to randomly selected customer groups based on things like location, potential for energy savings and length of time maintaining the same utility account.


Research has shown that on average, residents who receive these Reports lower their bills by 2%. That might not seem like a lot, but if every household does a little, it adds up! Lots of energy efficiency programs across the U.S. send Reports similar to this and the impacts on our collective usage have been tremendous.


Your Report will be delivered by mail up to six times per year. The Report will be sent at times that coincide with seasonal energy usage increases to allow you to maximize your energy saving opportunities.


There are several sources of data we compile for the Report:
  • Billing account information from Hawaiian Electric Company – we receive this under a Protective Order issued by the Public Utilities Commission. This data includes your utility account information (name, address, email, energy usage) and does not include Social Security numbers or payment information (credit cards or bank account).
  • Publicly-available data on your home- For example: city, state and county resources, surveyors’ offices and other public sources. This information includes things like: the year your home was built, your home’s square footage, local weather, etc. This data, plus any information you’ve provided in your online profile, makes up your unique household analysis.
  • Any other information you’ve provided in your online profile, makes up your unique household analysis.

We value your participation in our program, and we take our responsibility to protect this information very seriously. We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information. Other than the vendors who help us produce and distribute this Report, we do not share this data with anyone. For more information about our privacy policy please click here.


The Report compares your home’s energy use to similar homes in Hawai‘i. A common misconception is that you are being compared to homes directly next door or across the street from you. (You may have even spoken to them about your electricity bill and discovered how different your costs are!) The Reports compare you to similar homes in your area based on factors such as: the year it was built, the size, dwelling type (single family or apartment), and others. This may not always be your actual neighbors.

The electricity usage amount of the “efficient home” means 25% of the households in your comparison group use that amount of electricity or less. The “average” home’s amount is the 50% mark


No. These Reports are for your use alone. All of the comparison information, including yours, is compiled anonymously to create your Report. Your specific information and home characteristics are not shared with others. For more information about our privacy policy please click here.


Your privacy information, including data related to your home and energy use, is protected by unique user name and password authentication and is stored in a secure and encrypted database. This data is only communicated over a private, secure connection. Other users cannot access your private information. For more information about our privacy policy please click here.


We hear you, and truthfully, no data set is 100% perfect. In fact, we don’t think it’s appropriate to know everything about you, your habits, or your neighbors – that would be weird! Perhaps you have a medical device that’s required to be on 24/7. Or perhaps the folks you’re compared to are never home. If your Report incorrectly reflects your home’s square footage, or age we encourage you to update your profile information by clicking here.


Throughout the initiative, customers’ comparison groups can change. There are a few different ways the customers’ comparison groups can change:
  • If a customer has updated their home demographics by calling our call center and had a processor assist them in updating their demographics.
  • If public records have updated the customer’s information, that information is passed through to the program and updates the home demographics on the Home Energy Report
  • If new customers are added to the initiative or new housing developments are built.


Customers were randomly selected from a group of customers based on their highest potential for achieving energy savings. Another requirement is that the customer has maintained the same utility account for 13 months or more.


Yes, a customer can opt back in, granted they still meet the initiative eligibility requirements, e.g. 13 months of previous contiguous consumption. It’s not typical for customers to move into and out of the initiative, and it may have a negative impact on initiative results, for that specific customer.



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Call us with your questions and feedback at 537-5577 (Oahu) or toll-free (877) 231-8222 (Neighbor Islands) Monday through Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm.