About the Sense home energy monitor

Get smart about your energy use and gain peace of mind, with a Sense home energy monitor . The monitor connects to your electrical panel and provides insight on appliance activity, whether you’re home or not through your smart phone.

Why try the Sense monitor?


Find energy waste

Identify appliances and behaviors that are wasting energy.

Track your usage over time

Sense can help you keep your usage in check throughout the month.


Keep tabs on your home

Gain peace of mind while you’re away with alerts on unusual usage.


How Sense works

A Sense Home Energy Monitor can be installed by a qualified electrician in your electrical panel without any rewiring, and usually in less than 30 minutes. Once installed, download the app for iOS or Android, connect to Wi-Fi, and start listening. As your monitor learns your behavior and identifies your devices, you’ll receive real-time alerts about potential energy hogs, as well as unusual usage happening in your home.