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The process of Hawaii code approval begins at the State Building Code Council (SBCC). After amendments to model codes are approved by the council, administrative rules are written for authorization by the Governor. After the State Code is authorized, state building construction shall be in compliance within one year. The four counties shall amend/adopt the Hawaii state building codes within two years. If a county does not amend/adopt within two years, the Hawaii state building codes become applicable as an interim county building code. Hawaii’s State energy code is currently 2006 IECC, with 2009 IECC pending authorization. Counties adopt and enforce their own energy code. Currently, Honolulu, Maui, and Hawaii counties have adopted 2006 IECC, while Kauai County has adopted 2009 IECC. On July 14, 2015, the SBCC approve 2015 IECC, which could be adopted by the State and/or Counties in 2016.

Source: Gaur Johnson, Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii


Table 1: State & County Energy Code Status and Enactment Versions with Effective Dates

The following checklists are designed to simplify energy code compliance for Commercial building Designers and Plan Reviewers. The 2006 checklists can be used now for verification and familiarization. There are significant changes in the 2015 version that can be viewed in the draft versions below. These will be updated as final amendments are adopted and industry feedback is provided.

Additional information provided at the following resources:

Hawaii State Energy Office:
US DOE – Code Adoption:
US DOE – Code Compliance:


For questions, please contact Ramsey Brown 808-848-8571

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