Our Team

Meet our team and find out what they do to help Hawaii reach its clean energy goals.

Program Leadership

  • Caroline Carl

    Executive Director

    About Caroline

    Caroline has been extensively involved in clean energy initiatives in Hawaii for the past 15 years. She has been with the Hawaii Energy Program since 2011 and has overseen the planning and execution of a range of residential and commercial energy efficiency programs including energy optimization initiatives targeting peak demand reduction and load flexibility. Caroline holds a B.A in Environment and Development and a M.S. in Geographic Information Science and Technology.

    How I Save

    We optimize energy use in my house with our ENERGY STAR® smart appliances like my washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator. My solar attic fan and high efficiency ceiling fans help to keep my house cool in the warmer months.

  • Mireya Norman

    Deputy Director

    About Mireya

    Mireya Gonzalez Norman has eleven years of experience in program finance. Previously, Mireya worked for the Leidos Security Products Group as a Senior Project Controller, managing the financials on numerous domestic and international security technology projects. She started her career as a Financial Analyst in Raytheon Company’s Financial Leadership Development Program. Mireya has a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a Master’s in International Affairs from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

    How I Save

    I walk to work and use public transportation as much as possible. My home has energy-efficient appliances and I use ceiling fans as an alternative to air conditioning.

  • Shayna Doi

    Marketing & Communications Manager

    About Shayna

    Shayna oversees Hawaii Energy’s marketing & communications efforts to increase public awareness of energy conservation & efficiency and the Hawaii Energy brand. Born and raised on Maui, Shayna’s background and passion for public service have helped spotlight energy efficiency and conservation as a crucial part of achieving the state’s 100% clean energy goal. In addition to leading initiatives for digital marketing, advertising, public relations and stakeholder/customer outreach, she has also served as a producer, writer and co-host for “Hawai’i: Energized!”, the program’s educational series designed to make energy efficiency topics relatable for the everyday audience. She has helped her team earn national recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program for Excellence in ENERGY STAR® Promotion, as well as the prestigious ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award.

    Shayna was named to Pacific Business News’ 40 Under 40 list in 2020, and is an alum of the Patsy T. Mink Leadership Alliance. She is a proud graduate of Maui High School and Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

    How I Save

    I’ve turned my family into energy nerds! We pay attention to our energy usage each month and look for ways to reduce where we can. Our home has LED lighting, we keep our AC usage to a minimum, and we plug our electronics into smart power strips.

Program Delivery: Commercial

  • Dan Mestas

    Principal Development Engineer

    About Dan

    Dan is responsible for Hawaii Energy’s customer engagement strategy and supports customer project development & implementation. He also drives the ongoing technical training & development of the Hawaii Energy staff.

    Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. He is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) with a wealth of experience spanning various industries.

    Before joining Hawaii Energy, Dan served as Vice President & Engineering Manager for Bank of Hawaii where he managed operations, maintenance, capital improvements, & energy efficiency for all critical infrastructure and building systems across the Bank’s owned and leased properties in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, and Palau. Prior to that, Dan honed his skills at PepsiCo, working in various manufacturing plant operations, maintenance, innovation, project engineering, & energy management roles in Arizona and Hawaii.

    Dan is an active member of the engineering community, serving as Board Secretary for ASHRAE Hawaii chapter, Executive Vice President for AEE Hawaii chapter, and Advisor for Carbon Lighthouse. His expertise encompasses total productive manufacturing processes, reliability centered maintenance, beverage processing & packaging, factory & building automation, cybersecurity for industrial control systems, capital planning & project management, energy management, HVAC, ammonia refrigeration, hydronics, compressed air, boilers, water treatment, wastewater pre-treatment, business continuity, emergency operations, disaster recovery, EH&S, and risk management.

    In his free time, Dan enjoys photography, hiking, live music, & DJing.

    How I Save

    I have LED’s throughout my home, I wash clothes with cold water, I use only fans whenever possible, and when do I run my a/c, I use a 75F setpoint.

  • Eileen Lacaden Stewart

    Business Solutions Manager

    About Eileen

    Eileen oversees the strategy and execution of commercial energy efficiency programs for Hawaii Energy. She has supported participation of industrial customers in Hawaii Energy programs and led the development of initiatives under energy optimization, small business grants, and strategic energy management. Prior to Hawaii Energy, Eileen managed operations and development for Hawaii Appleseed. She holds a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech and a minor in Green Engineering.

    How I Save

    I save energy at home by using ENERGY STAR® appliances and LEDs. As much as possible, I keep windows open and use fans to stay cool. I do my best to walk or bike to get around my community, and I carpool as much as possible when traveling to different parts of the island.

  • Jessica Dillen

    Business Alliances Navigator: Clean Energy Ally Program

    About Jessica

    As the Business Alliances Navigator, Jessica is focused on managing both the Clean Energy Ally program and the Commercial Instant Rebate (Midstream) program. Her responsibilities are focused on the continuation and expansion of both programs. Prior to Hawaii Energy, Jessica worked previously as an Assistant Development Manager at Lendlease for Hickam Communities. In that role, she managed capital reinvestment projects for homes for our Military Families. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science as well as a MBA with a concentration in Environmental Studies from Ashford University.

    How I Save

    Jessica saves energy by using solar panels to supplement electricity consumption, ENERGY STAR® appliances, and walks to the local stores, hikes, & beaches. She also has her own garden where she grows her own kalo, papaya, ‘olena, pitaya, ‘ulu, and various herbs!

  • Walter Enomoto

    Maui County Manager

    About Walter

    Walter Enomoto is currently the Program Specialist for Hawaii Energy in Maui County. He helps to implement all Hawaii Energy residential and commercial programs and processes applications for energy efficiency measures. He also meets with various trade allies, vendors, and business owners, as well provides presentations to different groups and organizations to promote energy efficiency. Prior to this position, Walter developed renewable energy projects in Maui County including the first Feed In Tariff (FIT) systems in the State of Hawaii and first solar PPA in Maui County. He also served previously as the Commercial and Industrial Program Manager for Maui Electric Company’s Demand Side Management Program. His educational background includes the first Associate’s Degree in Sustainable Technologies from Maui Community College/UH Maui and a Bachelor of Business Administration from UH-Hilo. When not working, Walter enjoys bicycling, photography, movies and astronomy pursuits. He was also recognized by Maui No Ka Oi Magazine as one of its “Environmental Heroes” for 2011 for his two decades of work advocating bicycle use.

    How I Save

    At home, I have a solar hot water system, CFL and LED lights, an eco-friendly washing machine and clothesline, as well as an energy-monitoring power strip.Close

  • Rachel Fukumoto

    Consulting Employee

    About Rachel

    Rachel is currently a consulting employee working on Energy Optimization Initiatives.She previously held positions at Hawaii Energy as an Energy Advisor (AOAOs/Multifamily) and as the Affordability & Accessibility Program Lead, working with small businesses and Clean Energy Allies participating in the Energy Advantage program. Rachel holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.S. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management. She also attended Leeward Community College’s culinary program for baking and is a graduate of the GoFarm Hawaii program. In addition to working in energy, Rachel is a full-time tea farmer and producer on Hawaii Island.

    How I Save

    We’ve installed PV with battery storage on our home and have shifted the bulk of our energy use to daytime hours when the sun is optimal. Our solar attic fan, ENERGY STAR appliances and LED lights also help us to save energy!Close

  • Graceson Ghen

    Hawaii County Manager

    About Graceson

    Graceson works closely with Hawaii Island businesses both large and small to provide energy efficiency consultation and assist with processing financial incentives. He also supports residential projects and assists with conducting community outreach and educational events.

    He has more than 20 years of hands-on trades experience including energy-efficient retrofits such as lighting, motors, control systems, as well as renewable energy and electrical systems for on-grid and off-grid applications that include photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal.

    Prior to Hawaii Energy, Graceson was the Sustainability Coordinator at Hawaii Community College in Hilo. There he led a project to integrate sustainability principles and technologies into the college’s Electrical, Carpentry, Architecture and Landscaping programs. Additionally, he co-developed the University of Hawaii (UH) Sustainability Strategy aimed at engaging stakeholders across UH’s 10 campus system, which led to the UH Board of Regents revising its mission statement to include a commitment to carbon neutrality.

    Graceson obtained a Bachelor of Science degree through the Global Environmental Science program at UH Manoa with a focus on the lifecycle of biofuel production. He also earned a Master of Arts in Geography with a focus on Cumulative Effects Assessment within Hawaii’s Environmental Law and Planning processes.

    How I Save

    My home is completely off grid, I use LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, and drive a fuel efficient car.

  • Travis Hiramoto

    Energy Advisor

    About Travis

    Travis is an Energy Advisor with Hawaii Energy. He works closely with the Industrial, Multifamily, and Warehouse (non-food) sectors. Prior to joining the Hawaii Energy Team, Travis served as Pollution Prevention Coordinator for the State of Hawaii, managing the State’s Pollution Prevention Program and the Hawaii Green Business Program.

    How I Save

    I save energy at home by using LED bulbs and Energy Star equipment. In the daytime, I utilize natural lighting as much as possible. My house is also equipped with photovoltaic panels and battery storate.

  • Nina Horioka

    Energy Advisor

    About Nina

    As an Energy Advisor, Nina helps commercial customers participate in Hawaii’s Energy’s programs to save energy and money. She supports various trade allies, partners, and organizations with energy efficiency measures and projects. Prior to joining the Hawaii Energy team, Nina worked in the nonprofit sector and has a passion for helping people and our local community thrive. She is active in the community and volunteers her time with the Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals and Organization of Women Leaders Hawaii.

    How I Save

    I save energy by buying ENERGY STAR® appliances and washing laundry with cold water. Washing your clothes with cold water not only saves energy, but it helps prevent fading. Do yourself and the environment a favor by setting your temperature to cold water.

  • Malia Kantrowitz

    Energy Advisor

    About Malia

    Malia’s role at Hawaii Energy is to work closely with the Hawaii County Manager to execute energy incentive programs and advisory services for businesses and residents. Malia graduated from University of Hawaii at Hilo where she received a B.S. in Environmental Science and minored in Geology

    How I Save

    I save energy by plugging my appliances and devices in to smart power strips and turning the power strips off when the devices are not in use. Additionally, all my light fixtures at home are equipped with LED bulbs.

  • Lily Koo

    Senior Energy Advisor

    About Lily

    Lily Koo is the Business Program Specialist for Hawaii Energy. Prior to this position, Lily worked for Hawaiian Electric Company’s commercial and industrial energy solutions and load control programs. She has been promoting and implementing energy conservation measures for local businesses for the past eight years. Her responsible sectors include: hotels, federal, state and city & county. Lily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate’s degree in Paralegal.

    How I Save

    My house is equipped with window tinting, insulated walls, energy efficient appliances, a solar water heating system, solar PV and LED lamps.

  • Rachael Mathers

    Energy Advisor

    About Rachael

    As a dedicated Energy Advisor, Rachael’s passion for sustainability and helping others fuels her commitment to serving the various sectors of entertainment/public assembly, worship facilities, and education. With a profound appreciation for organizations that give back to the local community, she recognizes the symbiotic relationship between energy efficiency and empowerment. Rachael is driven by the belief that by helping customers reduce their energy consumption and expenses, these organizations can redirect those savings towards investing in these beautiful islands we call home.

    How I Save

    My passion for sustainability also transfers to the kitchen. I like to source my ingredients from local farms and butchers, or by spearfishing them myself. One of my goals while cooking is to use the whole ingredient, to maximize its use and reduce food waste. I’ve found that a lot of food scraps can be used to make delicious broths – great for a daytime slow cooker to avoid cooking during peak utility hours.

  • Melissa Onishi

    Energy Advisor

    About Melissa

    As an Energy Advisor, Melissa provides consultation on energy efficiency and conservation initiatives to several sectors including restaurants, grocery, and food production and distribution. She also assists customers with processing financial incentives. Prior to joining Hawaii Energy, Melissa served as a Project Coordinator for several STEM Outreach Programs at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and wrote grants to support STEM education for underserved populations. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    How I Save

    I use LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and smart power strips for all my electronics. I commute by driving a fuel-efficient car.Close

  • Sophia Somers

    Energy Advisor

    About Sophia
    Sophia’s role as an Energy Advisor is connecting commercial retail businesses and office buildings with essential lighting and HVAC upgrades. Utilizing Hawaii Energy’s programs and rebates to build an energy resilient grid and future.  Prior to joining us, she worked in non-profits, grocery retail, solar, and participated in the AmeriCorps VISTA program with the City & County of Honolulu’s Office of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Resiliency.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with an emphasis in energy and earth’s resources and is passionate about the intersection of economic, environmental, and social justice in society.

    How I Save
    Since learning about net metering, I have been in the habit of doing my laundry before or after 5-9pm, otherwise known as “time of use”, and it saves me so much money on my electric bill.

  • Phillip Winchester

    Junior Energy Advisor

    About Phillip

    Phillip is a Junior Energy Advisor for the Hawaii Energy Program Team, providing consultation on energy efficiency and conservation for the Energy Advantage and empower grants, as well as small business and residential sectors. Previously working as an environmental consultant specializing in air pollution, Phillip holds a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Management with a specialization in Environmental Policy. He is committed to helping communities and businesses implement sustainable energy practices.

    How I Save

    I maximize the use of natural light in my home. Opening blinds and curtains in the day reduces need for artificial lighting.

Program Delivery: Residential

  • Justin Bizer

    Accessibility & Affordability Program Support Specialist

    About Justin

    As a Program Support Specialist, Justin supports projects that reduce the burden of high energy costs in residential communities. Over the past 5 years, he has been working with clean energy allies, non-profit organizations, property managers, and community leaders to ensure that energy-efficiency products, services, and education are accessible and affordable. Justin has also worked for Honeywell Smart Energy and holds a Green Designation from the National Association of REALTORS®.

    How I Save

    I started by doing a few simple things and they had an immediate impact. Easy to install LED light bulbs and high-efficiency shower heads. Recently, I upgraded all my appliances to ENERGY STAR® and added power management strips to my entertainment systems.

  • Denise Nakamura

    Accessibility & Affordability Program Implementer

    About Denise

    Denise implements programs that make energy efficiency more accessible and affordable to all communities across the state. Prior to joining Hawaii Energy, she worked in a variety of industries including energy conservation, public works, and aerospace. Outside of work, you can find Denise volunteering, studying (#lifelonglearner), or somewhere in the ocean.

    How I Save

    I try to first find ways to reduce consumption by asking things like, “Do I really need ___ to be on right now?” In addition, I’ll do things like hang my clothes to dry, keep my windows open to take advantage of the cool trade winds, and bicycle to nearby errands.Close


  • Vinh Ngo

    Technical Services Engineering Manager

    About Vinh

    Vinh joined the Hawaii Energy team in May 2017. As the Energy Engineer at Hawaii Energy, Vinh’s areas of focus include: Energy-savings calculation, technical data verification, data acquisition, and process optimization. He also assists Energy Advisors with sector-specific benchmarking and analysis. Previously, Vinh served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps.

    How I Save

    My home has solar PV, solar water heater, and LED lights. Additionally, I carpool whenever possible in order to lower my carbon footprint.Close

  • Zz Riela

    Energy Engineer


    As an energy engineer, Zz helps the team with energy-savings calculations, data processing, and process optimization. Zz earned an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and spent four years as a Nuclear Engineer at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF.

    How I Save

    Energy efficiency has been a life-long hobby. I’ve been taking a bike or bus to school and work since I was six years old. During the pandemic, I bought a bus and built a tiny home in it, complete with a solar electric system. In my not-as-tiny home, I search for low-wattage devices, turn them off whenever possible, and take shorter showers to save water and energy.Close

  • Anthony Zolfo

    Energy Engineer

    About Anthony

    As a new energy engineer at Hawaii Energy, I am excited to perform energy audits, calculations, and recommend various solutions to conserve energy. I have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton and have previous co-op experience optimizing manufacturing processes at Honda of America Mfg. in Ohio. I am very passionate about sustainability, currently working towards my goals of being 100% clean energy, zero waste, and growing the majority of my own food.

    How I Save

    My home has a solar PV system, solar water heating, and LED lights. Other ways I save include hang-drying my clothes, building my deck with 100% reclaimed lumber, and planning to build a rainwater harvesting systemClose

Community & Economic Partnerships

  • Chester Carson

    Grant Administration & Public Policy Manager

    About Chester

    Chester coordinates the execution of many of Hawaii Energy’s most critical programs, centered around community engagement pilots in rural communities. Prior to joining Hawaii Energy, he worked for Maui County’s Office of Council Services and in Washington, D.C, for the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, where his portfolio included rural energy, climate change, appliance standards and energy efficiency. He has also worked at the Alaska State Senate and, for several years, in broadcast radio in both Alaska and California. Chester has a bachelor’s degree in film and video production from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.

    How I Save

    My parents instilled in me early growing up in Alaska to not carelessly leave the lights on. Since then, I’ve always tried to adhere to the less-is-more approach to energy usage. Use less of it when you can and use it as efficiently as possible otherwise. Plus, I need to make up for the guilt that comes with the terrible miles per gallon my old 4Runner gets.

  • Karen Shishido

    Market Transformation Program Manager

    About Karen

    Karen Shishido is the Energy Project Manager for the Transformational Program. Karen previously worked as an analyst at the Hawaii State Energy Office’s Energy Efficiency Branch and at Trinity Management Group consulting on high performance building design and LEED construction projects. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and Asian Studies from Occidental College and a MA from the University of Delaware in Urban Affairs and Public Policy.

    How I Save

    We have solar hot water, line-dry most of our clothes and there are ceiling fans in each room to stay cool. During a recent re-roof we inspected the insulation and chose high-reflectivity shingles to reduce heat gain. Our last household energy bill read 380 kwh, and we hope to get it down 10%!

Marketing & Communications

  • Tammy Vera

    Marketing Specialist

    About Tammy

    As a Marketing Specialist, Tammy is instrumental in creating and executing marketing strategies to encourage participation in Hawaii Energy’s residential programs and motivating residents to become more energy-conscious. She brings over 20 years of experience in client consulting in a number of different industries, including retail, solar, healthcare, hotel, construction, education, broadcast TV/radio and restaurants. Tammy has also worked with nonprofit organizations on efforts to preserve the Hawaiian language, culture and all of Hawaii’s natural resources. She holds a BA in Communication and a BFA in Art from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    How I Save

    In my families’ homes, we use LED lighting, solar water heating, have ENERGY STAR® air conditioners and appliances and either drive a hybrid or completely electric vehicle. We also take advantage of our great climate, try to open windows instead of use AC, and hang our clothes instead of using the electric dryer.Close

  • Jeff Dizon

    Web Designer & Developer

    About Jeff

    Jeff oversees Hawaii Energy’s online and multimedia efforts. Playing a key role in Hawaii Energy’s digital marketing strategy, campaigns, branding, videography, photography, workflows, and statistics. He brings 20+ years of experience ranging from applications developing, graphic design, ecommerces, content management systems, and systems engineer. Prior to Hawaii Energy, Jeff was a developer for the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) developing applications to improve business processes. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, and is certified in CIW Design/Development Series, MS SharePoint, Adobe, Security+, and Network+.

    How I Save

    My household utilizes ENERGY STAR® appliances, installed solar heating & photovoltaic systems, switched fluorescent to LED lights, and to keep cool we use the island trade winds.

  • Corey Lee

    Retail Marketing Specialist

    About Corey

    Corey is the Retail Marketing Specialist at Hawai’i Energy. He builds positive relationships and supports our retailers while working on marketing campaigns to raise more awareness about what Hawai’i Energy offers. He has over 30 years of retail management experience in various Hawaii businesses, with experience in operations, development, merchandising, marketing, and advertising. In addition, Corey has been a professional graphic designer for over 25 years. He holds an AS degree in Sales & Marketing from Kapiolani Community College.

    How I Save

    I have LED bulbs, a heat pump water heater, a split AC system, all ENERGY STAR® appliances, and even installed double pane windows and black-out curtains to reduce the heat in the home. I inspired my family to do the same to improve their lives and save on energy costs.

  • Ariana Whalen

    Marketing Specialist

    About Ariana

    Ariana designs and executes marketing strategies that helps residents and businesses start their energy-saving journey. She brings 13+ years of experience, including cultivating community partnerships, desiging sustainable strategies, leading diverse teams, and of course marketing! Ariana most recently served as the Director of Communications & Fundraising at Re-use Hawaii. She has worked for Hawaii Pacific University and the Blue Planet Foundation where she gained invaluable experience working with and for the community. Ariana holds a Bachelorʻs degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Southern Maine and received a Masterʻs in Sustainable Development from Hawaii Pacific University.

    How I Save

    I ride an e-bike and carpool whenever possible! Our home uses LEDs, fans instead of AC, mostly wash clothes with cold water, and one person in our home takes cold showers (not me!).Close

Program Support Services

  • Steven Bakovic

    Program Implementer

    About Steven

    Steven manages the electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) rebate program for Hawaii Energy. He also implements programs for the residential portfolio and market transformation. Previous to this role, Steven was managing the rental and utility relief program for the City and County of Honolulu. He holds master’s degrees in public affairs and environmental science.

    How I Save

    I am fortunate to live close enough to work to commute by foot. I do not have any AC units at home. The ceiling fans work just fine. I often take cold showers. They are the best after a workout or a hot day.

  • Jay Shah

    Salesforce IT Lead

    About Jay

    Jay Shah(our Salesforce Lead) is a certified Salesforce professional and has worked on Salesforce platforms in several industries, including Healthcare, Automotive, Finance and Telecom. He has Master’s in Computer Science and Bachelors in IT. Outside of work, Jay likes to stay active and enjoys playing sports and doing yoga. He also likes listening to blues music and playing Xbox.

    How I Save

    I have equipped some smart solutions in the home to make sure lights, television, air conditioner, gaming console etc turns off automatically whenever its not getting used.

  • Jenna Baraki

    Program Support Specialist

    About Jenna

    Jenna is the Hawaii Energy program support specialist. Her responsibilities include supporting the Hawaii Energy team’s accounting, finance, and administrative divisions. She also assists with and presents the free STEM-based workshops, focusing on clean energy and energy efficiency, for grades K-8.

    How I Save

    I walk or BIKI to work as much as possible. Our home has LED lighting, we plug our electronics into smart power strips, and we keep the AC off and only use fans.

  • Jade Decosta

    Program Finance Analyst

    About Jade

    Jade DeCosta has over 20 years of experience in administration and finance. Previously, Jade worked for the Hawaii State Department of Health as the Administrative Officer for the Disease Outbreak Control Division where she worked on critical administrative and financial efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before this she worked for the J. Paul Getty Trust as Budget Analyst of Capital Projects and prior to that had a 10-year career as a freelance independent feature film producer. Jade has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel Industry Management from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    How I Save

    I use ceiling fans as an alternative to air conditioning whenever possible, wash and reuse Ziploc baggies and turn the water off when I brush my teeth.

  • Vanessa Rose

    Program Accounting Analyst


    Vanessa Rose has worked with Leidos for 5.5 years and has over 15 years of experience in accounting and support services. Prior to Leidos, she worked with Non-Profit Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona. Vanessa has a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Arizona.

    How I Save

    I save energy by switching my high power use activities to off-peak hours, use only LED bulbs, regularly changing my A/C filter and blocking out radiant heat with window treatments.Close

  • Winona Prette

    Accounting Specialist

    About Winona

    Winona has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University. Her work experience includes working for a small woman-owned business where she initiated the company’s goal toward better business management by updating its accounting process, using online resources as tools for the business, and organizing files for secure data storage. Her awareness of energy conservation developed as the company focused on energy conservation to help minimize costs.

    How I Save

    My home shines with CFLs, the air conditioning stays off longer, and I unplug not-in-use appliances, air fresheners, and chargers. These are little steps I take that pay off big time.