Refrigeration can account for over two-thirds of total energy use in grocery stores and supermarkets. Upgrading your refrigeration technology is an easy way to increase efficiency and reduce your electricity costs.

Evaporator Motor Controls$30 / fan
High Efficiency EvaporatorsUp to $1500 / unit
High Efficiency Condensing UnitsUp to $2000
Floating Head Pressure Controls$300 / controller
Adding Doors$200 / linear foot
ASH Controls$40 / linear foot
Night Covers$10 / linear foot
EC Motors for Refrigeration$85 each
LED Case LightingVaries ($25-$50 / kit)

Evaporator Motor Controls
These motors are often running 24/7. They aid in air circulation and keeping products cool, but the energy use can be significant. Replace your Shaded Pole or Permanent Split Capacitor fan motors with a high efficiency Electronically Commutated motor and receive a rebate!

High Efficiency Evaporators (HEEvaps)
HEEvaps can be beneficial in walk-in refrigerated spaces. They entail a simple installation that will reduce overall maintenance costs, increase product quality, and provide more consistent box temperatures. If a motor happens to be relatively loud, it might be time for an upgrade; loud motors are often an opportunity to reduce energy and save on your next electric bill!

High Efficiency Condensing Units (HECUs)
HECUs help to reduce pressure and temperature, saving energy and decreasing annual maintenance costs. They help increase equipment reliability and promote the highest energy efficiency gain.

Floating Head Pressure Controls
Adding a floating head pressure control to your racks will be the cherry on top of all your efficiency efforts. A standard fixed head pressure control keeps temperature at a fixed rate, while a floating head pressure control saves energy by increasing and decreasing the temperature based on usage. If your walk-in freezers or refrigerators can scale back overnight, there’s an opportunity to decrease energy use and see those savings on your next energy bill!

Adding Doors
Adding doors to open cases will significantly help lower energy costs by keeping cold air inside of refrigerated spaces. Additionally, cycle counts are lowered, which eliminates costs on compressors and increases their life cycle. An added benefit is increased comfort for customers in aisle spaces!

Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Controls
ASH controls help your refrigerated doors and cases decrease temperature fluctuations. This leads to increased product quality as temperatures remain consistent and improved safety measures as condensation is reduced.

Night Covers
Open refrigerated cases are a huge opportunity for an energy efficiency upgrade. Night covers will decrease overnight energy loss by covering cases and keeping cold air inside. It’s like a shade or cover for your windows to block sunlight, only these are blocking cold air from escaping refrigerated cases!

Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors
While conventional motors run at full power, 24/7, EC Motors reduce energy use by slowing down during off peak periods, saving you energy and money!

LED Case Lighting
Upgrade those fluorescents with high efficiency, and in our opinion, better looking LEDs! These lights are longer lasting and increase product quality by emitting less heat than the standard incandescent bulbs. Lower your electric bill, receive a rebate, and make your refrigerated products really shine!