There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your restaurant by investing in equipment that lowers operating costs, and saves your business money. From appliance upgrades to lighting retrofits, Hawaii Energy offers cash incentives for smart energy choices.

Businesses with upgraded, highly efficient kitchen equipment not only benefit from a lower energy cost, but in most cases achieve a higher food output, further saving your business time and money. These smart energy upgrades can be significant to your restaurants day to day operations and help conserve resources to protect our environment!

For Questions

Contact our energy advisors:

Melissa Onishi
Honolulu County
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Maui County
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Graceson Ghen
Hawaii County
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Featured Story

Da Spot

“Hawaii Energy was very helpful in the sense of understanding all the steps in the processes that we had to go through. It was seamless, effortless and enjoyable, and in the end, the program helps to save us a lot of money on our electric bill.”

– Ahmad Ramadan & Ako Kifuji, owners

Energy Champions

  • Da Spot
    Lighting Retrofit
    Rebate: $16,651.61
    Annual Energy Savings: 59,470.0323 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $12,281.85
  • K’s Drive In (Hawaii Island)
    Lighting Retrofit
    Rebate: $6,592.00
    Annual Energy Savings: 18,680.6528 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $6,443.70
  • Maui Brewing Company (Kihei, Maui)
    HVAC, Custom Lighting, Lighting Sensors
    Rebate: $14,088.67
    Annual Energy Savings: 92,382 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $22,017.49