Grocery Stores

Every penny is precious in a grocery store. Between balancing tiny profits with loss prevention, employee benefits, and marketing, your electric bill is a powerful tool to reduce waste across your store.

How? Your energy costs are directly tied to the life cycles of mechanical equipment. If you’re seeing flickering lights or leaky HVAC systems, that’s the perfect time to look at your energy consumption and where you can clean up energy waste.

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Contact our energy advisors:

Melissa Onishi
Honolulu County
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Walter Enomoto
Maui County
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Graceson Ghen
Hawaii County
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Featured Story

KTA Superstores

“We were happy to work with Hawaii Energy during our lighting renovation. Not only did we reduce our energy use, but we also got money back in the form of a rebate.”

– Andrew Chun, KTA Representative

Energy Champions

  • KTA Superstores
    Custom and Standard Lighting Retrofit
    Rebate: $29,994.18
    Annual Energy Savings: 136, 163.7 kwh
    Annual Bill Savings: $26,203.48
  • Times (Kahala)
    Custom Lighting and Pumps and Motors
    Rebate: $47,259.70
    Annual Energy Savings: 343,210.71 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $69,514.24
  • Whole Foods (Kahala)
    Custom Lighting
    Rebate: $14,868.92
    Annual Energy Savings: 112,510.30 kWh
    Annual Bill Savings: $24,861.85


Additional Resources

In grocery settings, the majority of energy goes towards refrigeration, accounting for 56% of total energy use. HVAC consumes another 19%, and cooking accounts for 11%.

Hawaii Energy has given out $3.1M in rebates for retailers in the past two years. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to lower your electric bill and see if you qualify for a rebate!