New Construction & Major Renovation

Commercial and multifamily new construction and major renovation projects can receive rebates for incorporating energy-efficient features into building design and exceeding building code requirements.

Whether you’re using energy modeling systems to plan energy-saving features during the design stage or seeking support on specific products/equipment, Hawaii Energy is here to help guide you through creating a more sustainable and energy-efficient building.

For Questions

Contact our energy advisors:

Eileen Stewart
Honolulu County
(808) 848-8519

Walter Enomoto
Maui County
(808) 298-4269

Graceson Ghen
Hawaii County
(808) 895-6713

Am I Eligible?

This program applies if your project meets any of the following criteria:

  • It is a new commercial or multifamily facility.
  • It includes a major renovation of an existing commercial or multifamily facility.
  • There has been a major change in occupancy type.
  • It is a new addition to an existing facility.

How Much Will My Rebate Be?

There are two approaches to calculating your rebate. The Energy Model Approach (EMA) uses an energy model to estimate energy savings compared with a baseline building during the design phase. The Systems Approach (SA) calculates energy savings by system, such as lighting and air conditioning, during the construction phase. Hawaii Energy applies standard prescriptive rebates and custom rebates calculated at $0.12/kWh for energy savings. Please download the New Construction & Major Renovation Rules & Requirements details.

How to Apply

The general rebate process for each approach is outlined and illustrated below. For complete details, please see the New Construction & Major Renovation Rules & Requirements.

1. Application

Provide completed/signed Hawaii Energy Commercial Incentive Application and IRS Form W-9

2A. Next Steps for Energy Model Approach (EMA)
  • Provide conceptual drawings and estimated project costs
  • Provide energy model report and presentation
  • Complete project design, permitting, and construction
  • Provide as-built plans

The following diagram illustrates the general EMA application and rebate process:

2B. Next Steps for Systems Approach (SA)
  • Provide documentation (as-built plans, equipment specifications, and estimated project costs) to Hawaii Energy.

The following diagram illustrates the general SA application and rebate process:

3. Final Documentation & Verification

Work with Energy Advisor to schedule inspection and provide additional documentation as needed.

Featured Story

Hale Kalele

From start to finish, Hale Kalele was a collaborative project that proved designing energy efficient buildings make sense from an environmental and economic standpoint. Thank you for your commitment to energy efficient projects, Kobayashi Group.


For questions, please contact Eileen Stewart at or (808) 848-8576.