There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your restaurant by using equipment that is meant to last, lower your operating costs and save you money. From kitchen equipment to lighting to heating and cooling, Hawaii Energy offers you cash incentives for switching to energy-efficient technologies in your restaurant.

Below are some of the incentives we offer. To see a detailed list with equipment qualifications, download our Restaurant Incentive Summary Sheet or view our informational brochure


ENERGY STAR® Kitchen Equipment              

Item Incentive Amount Worksheet
Commercial Ice Machine $100 - $325 download
Steam Cooker $750 download
Electric Griddle $1,250 download
Commercial Fryer $250 download
Hot Food Holding Cabinet    $125 - $800 download
Combination Oven $500 - $2,400 download
Convection Oven $275 - $350 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (solid door)  $250 - $500 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (glass door)    $100 - $300 download
Reach-In Freezer (solid door)    $100 - $300 download
Reach-In Freezer (glass door)    $100 - $200 download

Specialty Equipment

Item Incentive Amount
ENERGY STAR Refrigerator Trade-In $125 per unit
Refrigerated Night Covers $10 per linear foot
Kitchen Exhaust Hood Demand Ventilation $700 per HP


Item Incentive Amount
Complete low-cost lighting retrofits for restaurants through Hawaii Energy's Small Business Direct Install offer varies

Unsure of where to start?

If you're just starting to explore energy efficiency, we can help you get started. Download our Energy Management Program guide and learn about the different possibilities for savings in your restaurant.  


For more information on these or any other incentives, contact our Business program at 839-8880 on Oahu or 1-877-231-8222 (toll-free neighbor islands)