Customized Projects

Do you have ideas for other technologies that will save energy?

You can design your own energy efficiency project. Custom incentives are based on projected energy savings for new construction or retrofit projects. Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Customized Lighting Incentives

Within customized lighting there are two categories: (1) non-ENERGY STAR® LED lighting projects and (2) other non-prescriptive lighting. There are LED requirements to qualify for Hawaii Energy’s customized incentives.

Incentive Application Worksheet

Customized Non-Lighting Incentives

Incentives are based on projected energy and demand savings for both new construction and retrofit projects. Projects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-approved by Hawaii Energy before equipment purchase.

Incentive Application Worksheet

Water and Wastewater Self-Assessment Checklists

Hawaii Energy’s water and wastewater energy efficiency offer is available to large, medium and small water and wastewater pumping stations and treatment plants. With our expertise in this area, we will work with owners and operators to assess the plant and provide recommendations for energy efficiency measures. The plants are then able to utilize our prescriptive and custom incentives to help reduce capital costs associated with the measures.

To begin, please complete one of the worksheets below and email it to Jared Ganigan at . Your worksheet will then be evaluated and feedback will be provided to you along with a recommendation of potential energy efficiency measures and associated incentives that you can take advantage of. Don’t delay, complete a checklist today.

Wastewater Facility Checklist   Drinking Water Checklist