Energy Smart 4 Homes - FAQ

A FREE Energy-Saving program for Residential Properties


What are the benefits of Energy Smart 4 Homes?

The Energy Smart 4 Homes (ES4H) program helps customers use electric energy more efficiently, save money, and conserve resources. ES4H also reduces water demand and associated sewer fees. The program provides a service that results in lower operating costs and better bottom lines for building owners and managers and helps to lower the costs of living for their tenants.


What does Energy Smart 4 Homes offer?

Energy-efficient measures include:

  • Energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • High pressure, high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Advanced power strips


Is there a fee for this service?

There are no charges or hidden fees for this service. It is FREE for eligible properties.


If the program is FREE, where does the money come from?

Hawai‘i Energy programs like ES4H are made possible through the Public Benefits Fund, which supports initiatives that help consumers become more energy-efficient. The Fund is collected through a small surcharge that every electric utility customer in Hawai‘i, Honolulu and Maui county pay through their bill.


Who is eligible?

Properties serviced by electric water heating are eligible for the full benefits of the ES4H program.


What about properties that have gas water heating?

Properties serviced with non-electric water heating are still eligible to receive partial benefits of the ES4H program. Consult with a member of the ES4H team for further information.


What kind of savings can be achieved through these energy-efficient measures?

  • High-efficiency showerheads reduce electric water heating demand by up to 30 percent. These measures will help reduce water and sewer fees.
  • High-efficiency faucet aerators in the kitchen and bathroom can help decrease hot water use — and electric water heating costs — without affecting water pressure. These also help reduce water and sewer fees.
  • Using the energy-saving Advanced Power Strip can help manage energy consumption and can eliminate phantom electrical loads (which can then reduce total energy demand).
  • Lighting which is 78-87% more energy efficient than incandescent lighting


What is involved in this energy retrofit of my home?

Trained ES4H technicians will assess each participating residential unit and exchange and replace any existing water and lighting measures that are deemed energy inefficient.


Who does the replacement(s)?

Trained ES4H technicians perform the installation of lighting and water measures as needed.


How long does an installation take?

All units are different in terms of size and furnishings. While we cannot guarantee a specific window of time, we generally estimate 10-20 minutes to retrofit each room in the home.