Appliance Rebates

Switching out your old appliances to ENERGY STAR® certified models will help you save energy immediately. Our rebates can help with up-front costs, and your savings can help you recoup part of your investment.

Check out our guide below* to see if it’s time to upgrade your old appliance.

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You can download the PDF here*.

*Costs of electricity and savings vary over time, so it’s important to note that efficient appliances provide many other major benefits and hidden savings. Design changes made to use less electricity will often improve the appliance in other ways, resulting in a better quality product for you, with less maintenance needed. For example, ENERGY STAR® washers and dryers can typically wash more clothes in a single load and dry them faster – and let’s not forget that you’ll be making a significant contribution toward reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and making Hawai‘i a better place for future generations..

Refrigerator Trade-up


A fridge aged 20 years or older uses about twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator. If it’s time for an upgrade, you can get a $250 rebate when you purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator from a participating retailer.

Rebate Instructions (click to expand)

Please note: This rebate requires that you have a working refrigerator (14 cu. ft or larger) to trade in.

  • Step 1: Purchase a new ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator (greater than 16 cu. ft.) from a participating retailer. At the time of purchase, arrange to have your old, working refrigerator picked up by your retailer.
  • Step 2: Fill out the rebate application. You can download this using the button below.
  • Step 3: Sign the application and mail to Hawaii Energy, P.O. Box 3920, Honolulu, HI 96812 and must be postmarked within sixty (60) days of the purchase. Or, you may also email your application

*The Rid-A-Fridge and Trade-Up offer may not be combined. Trade-Up applications are available on a first-come, first-served basis with approved retailers during point of purchase, to ensure proper recycling. Rebate is subject to change without notice.

Phishing: We may send you emails about our services. Likewise, we may from time to time call the phone number associated with your account. However, we will never email you or call you to ask for your social security number, date of birth, credit card information or online logon credentials. We recommend always protecting your information by staying aware of what you can do to prevent it. For more information, please visit the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information website here.

Refrigerator/Freezer “Rid-A-Fridge” Offer


By keeping a second refrigerator in your basement or garage, you could be wasting as much as $125 per year. Let us recycle that old working refrigerator/freezer for FREE and pay you! Residents of Hawaii island, Maui County and Oahu will receive $75 for each one. Click here for more details.

Heat Pump Water Heater


Tax Credit Available*

An option for reducing your energy cost is to consider installing an ENERGY STAR® certified heat pump water heater for your home. Get an in-store instant rebate at these participating retailers: Ferguson/The Plumbing Store, Home Depot, Lowe’s, PACE, or Inter-Island Solar Supply.

Washers & Dryers

You can save loads of money and energy by upgrading to an energy efficient washer and dryer. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® certified washer and/or dryer for cutting edge technology along with the highest energy efficiency savings possible. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on products at local retailers for the models with the best values.


Washing dishes in a new ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher can reduce your energy use by at least 10% compared to standard models and saves an average of 3,870 gallons of water over its lifetime. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on products at local retailers for the models with the best values.

Tax Credit Available

* This measure may qualify for valuable tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act. Please check with your tax professional on applicability.