FAQ Sheet for Media

What is Hawaii Energy’s mission?

Hawaii Energy’s mission is to empower island families and businesses to make smarter energy choices to reduce energy consumption, save money, and pursue a 100% clean energy future.

How is Hawaii Energy funded?

The Hawaii Energy program is funded through contributions to the Public Benefits Fund (PBF), which is collected as a fee on electric bills from Hawaiian Electric Company customers and managed by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Hawaii Energy is the administrator of these funds, providing opportunities and solutions for Hawaii residents and business to save money and energy.

Who is eligible for Hawaii Energy’s rebates and programs?

Hawaii Energy rebates and programs are available to all residents and businesses who pay an electric bill on Oahu, the Big Island, and in Maui County. Kaua‘i customers do not pay into the PBF and are therefore ineligible for programs and services. For energy assistance on Kaua‘i, customers are encouraged to contact the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC).

Is Hawaii Energy a part of the Hawaiian Electric Company?

No, the Hawaii Energy program is managed directly by the PUC, separate from Hawaiian Electric Company, as part of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative signed in 2008 and the establishment of the Public Benefits Fee Administrator under Act 118, 2008.

How do customers receive your rebates?

A majority of rebates are distributed as reimbursements after a product has been purchased and installed; however, there are a few instances where Hawaii Energy will subsidize or “buy down” the cost of a product (like light bulbs), so the price a customer pays is already discounted at purchase. Products must meet energy efficiency standards to qualify. We recommend you check out the Hawaii Energy website for available rebates, applications and information, and more.

Does Hawaii Energy have any statistics and or tips that we can use?

Yes! The Hawaii Energy website is up to date with plenty of statistics and tips that you may use. All that we ask is you credit Hawaii Energy when using this information. For statistics on specific programs, please contact angela@strykerweiner.com.

Can I interview someone at Hawaii Energy?

Please email requests for interviews, along with an optional note about the specific spokesperson you would like to request (see the Spokespeople tab) to angela@strykerweiner.com.

Can I use the Hawaii Energy logo in conjunction with a story?

Yes, the Hawaii Energy logo is available in multiple file formats and in different colors. Our brand reputation is of utmost importance to us, so please read our brand guidelines for required usage terms. This logo is only to be used in news stories that mention the Hawaii Energy program. When using the logo, make sure to use it at the highest quality. If you prefer to have a photograph or b‐roll to accompany your story, please contact Stryker Weiner & Yokota Public Relations at angela@strykerweiner.com.

How can people contact you if they have general questions?

hawaiienergy@leidos.com or (808) 537‐5577